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What is Watrix?

Watrix is a system for the early detection of leaks and the prevention of severe
water damages. This system is one of a kind – it doesn’t require an electrical feed
or a wireless connection to perform, and it’s the only system which provides
efficient protection against water damage caused by leaking pipelines – equipped
with an internal 3-year battery pack and SIM card. When the system detects an
anomaly, it alerts the client and shuts off the main water valve if necessary.

Is the system recognized and approved by the insurance companies?

Yes, Watrix is recognized and approved by most Israeli insurance companies.

The system shut off the main water valve, how to reopen it

The system only shuts off the water valve when it detects a possible leak or burst pipe. First, please verify the leak was fixed. Then, go to the Watrix unit installed next to the main water valve. The unit has a single button placed over the system’s controller. Press the button, and the water supply will resume. See photo.

Does the system detect every leak?

The system detects any leak with a permanent capacity of over 100 ccs per minute. Furthermore, the system periodically checks for leaks of less than 10 ccs per minute. To see the dates and results of these tests go to the Watrix App 🡪 “Status”. If the system detects a leak, it alerts the client.

Can you deliberately shut off the main water valve using the system?

The system provides protection against leaks and is not merely used as an electric valve. Therefore, you cannot use the system to deliberately shut off the main water valve.

What is “Away mode”?

“Away mode” sets the system to high alert, meant to augment reaction time when the house or business is unoccupied. On “Away mode”, the system ignores the previously learnt water consumption patterns and alerts of any water flow – until “Away mode” is turned off. Once “Away mode” is turned off, the system continues to monitor the water flow according to the previously learnt water consumption patterns.

Does “Away mode” shut off the main water valve?

“Away mode” sets the system’s preferences to high alert so the system alerts of any water usage. The system will enable preset water usage, such as a garden watering system; however, if any other water flow is detected, the system alerts the client. If no response is received, the system will shut off the main water valve.

I have a garden watering system and left my house with the system on “Away mode”. Will the system shut off the main water valve once the watering system is activated?

Watrix system was programmed for the quick detection of leaks. A preset watering system will not generate an alert and will not lead to the shutting down of the main water valve. After the system is set to “Away mode”, you can leave your home peacefully, knowing your garden is being watered and that your home is protected against water damage.

Can you put a timer on “Away mode”?

Yes. To do so open the Watrix App 🡪 Away mode 🡪 New event 🡪 Singular/ repeating event 🡪 define the dates and hours/ define the recurrent days and hours.

The system alerted of a small leak, what should I do next?

A small leak means a leak with a maximum capacity of 100 ccs per minute. Sometimes, these leaks arise from a leaking tap or a jammed flushing device. A reminder to check these two possibilities will be sent to your mobile device. If you detected the source of the leak, fix it, and the alert will automatically cease. In case you did not detect the leak’s source, and after you give consent, the system will run another test. If the leak continues, the system will notify you of this and recommend you call a technician. You can program the system to send you a reminder and receive a list of recommended professionals in your area. We recommend you repair small leaks immediately. A leak of a short duration means reduced damage and fast response will prevent damage escalation.

I received a “Suspected leak” notification, what does it mean?

“Suspected leak” is a condition when an excessive water flow is detected. If you are aware of this excess water flow – great! Confirm this is an approved event (via the App/ SMS/ phone) and the system will learn it for future reference. Otherwise, instruct the system to shut off the main water valve to end the flow. This will prevent any further damage to the building and contents and allow you to fix the leak’s source and scope any spilt water. Remember, quick detection and repair of leaks is crucial to minimizing water damage extent

What does a “Burst pipe” notification mean?

“Burst pipe” is a condition when the Watrix system detects a water flow exceeding the maximal amount measured for your household. The system quickly alerts the client and waits for a limited period of time before shutting off the main water valve to prevent the water damage from escalating. Do not resume the water supply before fixing the leak.

Can I set the system to “Silent mode”?

Yes, go to the Watrix App 🡪 Profile 🡪 Settings 🡪 Sound 🡪 Silent. The system’s notifications will be silenced.

How do I know the system is operating properly?

On the App’s homepage you can find the following information: The time of the system’s last daily checkup The date of the system’s thorough inspection There you can see when was the last checkup and when the next one is scheduled.

Is the system protected against cyber-attacks?

Yes. The system is programmed to face and counter cyber-attacks. The information is coded and secured, similar to the security protocol used by the credit companies and banks.

Do I get a benefit for referring a new client to the Watrix services?

Yes, if a new client mentions they were referred by you, you will automatically receive a one-year credit covering your monthly fees.

I’m moving, how do I transfer the system?

Call a plumber to uninstall and install the system in your new home. The system will activate automatically. Update your new address via the App 🡪 profile. Congratulations!

Daylight saving time reset the clock. Does the system automatically update the garden watering time definitions?

he Watrix system clock is programmed to automatically update according to the current time. If you did not manually reset the watering time definitions, the system updates them. The system sends a notification of this update.

What happens when daylight saving time resets the system’s clock?

The system will automatically update the watering time definitions according to the current time.

How can I edit my contacts?

Go to App 🡪 Contacts 🡪 Edit. You can add as many contacts as you’d like.

What benefits do the insurance companies give clients using the Watrix system?

Every insurance company gives its clients different benefits. To learn what benefits your insurance company provides, contact your insurance agent.

Does the system operate worldwide?

At this time, the system operates in Israel and in the US. If you wish to install the system in a different location, please contact our offices via phone or place a quarry on our website.

Can I stop paying the monthly fees?

If you choose to stop paying the monthly fees, please notify us. After we receive your notification, we set the system to monitor the water usage according to the previously learnt patterns. For example, if the system learnt a consumption pattern of 10 litres per minute lasting for 15 minutes and then measures a water flow lasting for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically shut off the main water valve without sending a notification. The system comes with a two-year warranty.

Can the system interfere with the fire department’s work in case of a fire?

No. The water used by the fire department is supplied by a different water system than the one in your home.

Can the system operate without cellular communication?

No worries, your home is protected. If the system is not connected to a cellular network, it will not send notifications but will shut off the main water valve if necessary.

What is the battery’s life span?

The internal battery has a 3-year life span. The battery’s data can be viewed through the App. Clients on a monthly fee plan will receive a new battery when needed.

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